Innovation and Transition 4.0

Innovation and Transition 4.0

By your side towards innovation with the opportunities offered by PNRR and by Innovation & Transition 4.0

Innovation and Transition 4.0

Partner in projects of innovation, of ecological transition research and innovative technologies also focused on PNRR.


We support companies in the paths of technological innovation 4.0 and digitization, identifying trends, suggesting technologies, adopting open innovation, verifying possible business models, creating a medium-long term strategy.


We work side by side in the design of integration systems: technology-time-territory; together we clarify the fundamental dimensions of the organization such as cooperation, communication, knowledge and focusing the projects also on their eligibility for tax incentives.



Services to SMEs for process and business innovation:


• Support in the digital transformation paths for the manufacturing and logistics industry.


• Assessment and mentoring in the application of technologies enabling innovation.


• Sworn appraisals for access to Factory 4.0 tax relief and 4.0 transition plan


• Evaluation of R&D, IT, IT4.0 and Design projects


• Technological scouting and partnership research.


• Industry and supply chain benchmarks.


• Regulatory compliance analysis for innovation projects.